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Background Reading

Rhestr darllen a Llawllyfrau Athrawon  ar Ddinasyddiaeth Fyd-eang a Datblygiad Cynaladwy

Reading list and Teacher Handbooks on Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Oxfam, A Curriculum for Global Citizenship, 1997. Also available at

Young, Mary, with Commins E, Global Citizenship. The Handbook for Primary Teaching, Oxfam, Chris Kington Publishing, 2002

Save the Children, Making it Real.  Development Education Centre (Birmingham) 1996

Fisher, S. and Hicks, D. World Studies 8-13, Oliver and Boyd, 1998

Hicks, D. Citizenship for the Future, WWF, 2001.

Hicks , D. and Steiner, M. Making Global Connections, Oliver and Boyd, 1989.

Steiner, M. Learning from Experience, Trentham Books, 1993.

Audrey Osler and Kerry Vincent.  ”Citizenship and the Challenge of Global Education”, Tretham Books, 2002 :
ACCAC, Addysg ar gyfer datblygu cynaliadwy a dinasyddiaeth fyd-eang, Education for sustainable development and global citizenship, ACCAC, 2002. 
Llwytho i lawr

DFID, DFEE, DEA and Central Bureau. Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum, DFEE 2005.
DFID - Global Dimension Website  -

Global Express: information and activities on recent news items.

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Background information
Regan, C. 80:20. 80:20 Group (Birmingham) 2002.