Pearl Lagoon

Pearl Lagoon Village

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The main front street

"Let me describe Pearl Lagoon to you.  Pearl Lagoon is not a big community.  It has about 1987 people of which the majority are women and young. There is only one primary school and one high school.

Just in front of the village there is a lagoon, called Pearl Lagoon.  There are many cays (small islands) in it, some were made when the canal was dug and sand was put in one place.

We have three main streets.  There are two big shopping centres and others that are much smaller; four churches, which many people attend, especially on Sundays.

There are boats coming in every day from Bluefields.  Men fish a lot, not for sport.  This is their way of living.  Others till the ground, planting kinds of things which are for home use.  On the streets you can find different domestic animals."

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