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Educating for Global Citizenship

EDUCATING FOR GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP - An INSET resource for teachers in Wales


Educating for Global Citizenship presents examples of good practice in the delivery of education for global citizenship in primary and secondary schools in Wales. It features five primary and three secondary schools from all over Wales. The video shows how education for global citizenship can enrich pupils� learning experiences, satisfy requirements of PSE and national curriculum subjects, become part of the whole school ethos and encourage pupils to become active citizens of the world.� There are sections on developing the key concepts, whole school planning, and teaching and learning approaches.

The pack consists of a bilingual video and booklet with five INSET activities which encourage analysis of the examples in the video, and of each school�s own situation.

The pack is intended to complement the booklet �Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship� published by ACCAC for the Welsh Assembly Government (2002) and the Personal and Social Education framework (ACCAC, 2000).�

The video is timely because PSE will become compulsory in Wales from September 2003. �The National Assembly for Wales also has a statutory duty to promote sustainable development. It is also committed to �fostering a more outward-looking and internationalist Wales� and thus to promote global citizenship.

All the schools illustrated in the video base their work on the following nine key concepts, identified as applying to both education for sustainable development and education for global citizenship:

Interdependence, Citizenship and stewardship, Needs and rights, Diversity, Sustainable change, Quality of life, Uncertainty and precaution, Values and perceptions, Conflict resolution

These concepts provide a rationale within which teachers can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of their students. The PSE Framework provides a detailed breakdown of these learning outcomes. Skills such as critical thinking, empathy, and the ability to argue effectively are transferable skills applicable to every area of the curriculum.� The emphasis in the video and the INSET activities is thus on the opportunities offered by education for global citizenship.


Produced by the World Education Centre, Bangor University with Orbis Productions, the video was financed by the National Assembly and the Department for International Development.


ISBN 1-8537-177-6, Publisher: Welsh National Centre for Religious Education on behalf of the World Education Centre, 2003.

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